End of project

The project CAND ended in September 2016. The site, and its information, will be available in wordpress. Further results of the project will be announced there

New York, March 2017

Teresa Marques will present a paper on a workshop on experimental work on relativism in New York, March 2017, organized by Josh Knobe, Markus Kneer and Andy Egan.

Other speakers are Janice Dowell, Andy Egan & Bob Beddor, Markus Kneer, Justin Khoo, and Seth Yalcin.


Projects for Young Researchers on Societal Challenges

Teresa Marques’s project CONCEDIS (Shifting Concepts and Hybrid Dispositionalism) was selected in the 2015 call from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, in the National Programme for Research Aimed at the Challenges of Society (project reference FFI2015-73767-JIN). CONCEDIS is a three year project, which will run at the University of Barcelona.


Brief description of the project:

This project develops Hybrid Dispositionalism (HD). HD is a new pluralist theory about normative and evaluative discourse, combined with a dispositional metaphysical theory about the nature of the properties denoted. The project argues that dispositional or response-dependent value properties are *de nobis* or collective dispositions. The project affords a comprehensive account of norms and values, and combines contextualism at the level of semantic content with expressivism at the pragmatic level. HD promises to be a successful alternative to other extant theories, while fitting with experimental data on conceptual variability, and current research on collective intentionality. The project further promises to make a vital contribution to current philosophical reflexion on public and political discourse, and its impact on a multicultural and diverse society.