Other events

Teresa Marques is organizing the next NOMOS Network Meeting, with Sally Haslanger, and other great speakers and discussants, at UPF. June 6-8 2016.

Teresa Marques presented “A Puzzle of Conflicts” at the International workshop on EMOTIONS AND CONFLICT Pisa, February 3-5, 2016

Teresa Marques presented  “Pejoratives: how the analogy with fiction breaks down” at the LanCog Seminar on December 18, 12h, and at the workshop The Roots of Fiction taking place at Universidade de Macau, 5-6 December 2015.

Teresa Marques  presented “Falsity and Retractions: New experimental data on epistemic modals” at the Pervasive Context conference at Peking University, 24-25 October 2015, and at the LOGOS Seminar at the University of Barcelona on October 14, 2015

Teresa Marques presented her ‘Pejoratives & Oughts’ at the 10th NOMOS Meeting, Humboldt University, Berlin, which focused on Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen’s book Born Free and Equal (OUP), 29-29 September.

Teresa Marques participated in various events during the summer of 2015:

She presented her “Character and Content in Hybrid Expressivism”, 8th Congress of the Spanish Society for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Barcelona, 7-10 July 2015, and at the 6th meeting of the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy, ENFA6, 10-12 September 2015 at the University of the Azores, S. Miguel.

While Visiting Professorial Fellow at Eidyn, Teresa did a “piggy back session”  organized by the Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group, in which she talked about ‘Stereotype threat and silencing: two causes of difference’ (Monday 22nd of June 2015, 3-4pm in Dugald Stewart Building Room 1.01.) 

Also while in Edinburgh, Teresa commented on Hrafn Asgeirsson‘s paper on vagueness, knowability and judicial discretion at the Legal Philosophy Workshop in Edinburgh, 13-14 June 2015.

Teresa Marques participated in the 8th Latin Meeting for Analytic Philosophy, taking place in Milan in June 2015. More info here.

Teresa’s talks during the first term of 2015:

Teresa Marques, “La construcción social de hechos reales”. Seminar, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay, Montevideo, 8 April 2015.

Teresa Marques, “Aesthetic properties: a hybrid dispositional account”, SADAF Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 30 March 2015.

Teresa Marques, “De Se Dispositions and Conflicting Attitudes”, Philosophisches Seminar of the University of Zurich — Dissens – Disagreement , 2 March 2015.

Teresa Marques, 2015 “Character and Content in Hybrid Expressivism”, workshop Semantic Pluralism, University of Konstanz, Germany, January 2015.

Josep Joan’s talks during the first term of 2015

Josep Joan Moreso was a keynote speaker at the University of Frankfurt, presenting his “Defeasibility in Law”, 12.13 March 2015.

He also presented his “Virtù, particolarismo e applicazione del diritto” at the Giornati di ermeneutica giuridica. Conflitti interpretativi, in Padova in October 2014


XXIII SIUCC – Seminario Interuniversitário de Ciencia Cognitiva

Teresa Marques gave a talk on the XXIII SIUCC – Seminario Interuniversitário de Ciência Cognitiva, with Jennifer Hornsby, entitled “The Relevance of Causal Social Construction”, (Seville, November 6-8, 2014).

Philosophy Flash

Teresa Marques will give a short talk at the Philosophy Flash event during the Philosophy Festival in Barcelona, November, 19 2014,  on social construction. Title and abstract (in Spanish) below:

La Construcción Social de Hechos Reales

¿Existen cosas, o hechos, que hayan sido construidos socialmente?  Sí:
por ejemplo, ser un profesor de universidad, o un partido de fútbol: hay
normas y reglas, costumbres y prácticas sociales sin las cuales esos
tipos de cosas o hechos no existirían. ¿Y hay tipos de cosas o hechos
reales que parezcan *naturales*, pero sean también construcciones sociales? Hay
quien defiende que ser una mujer o ser negro, o tener algunas
enfermedades mentales, son construcciones sociales. En esta charla
defenderé esta idea de algunas objeciones.